Zoku Ice Ball Ice Sphere Mold, Set of 2

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2 Molds Included – Easy to Open – Simple to Remove – No Rinsing – Stackable design Ice Ball 2.5-Inch Diameter

Enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor. Use in any drink-great for everyone from kids to adults!


  1. Fill with water through the hole on the top of the mold, flip over once full to remove excess water!
  2. Place the stackable molds in the freezer.
  3. Once frozen, simply pull the halves apart. No need to rinse under water.
  4. Place Ice Ball into glass or punch bowl and pour in your favorite drink.

The Ice Ball fits into the average size rocks glass. Use in whiskey, cocktails, juices, and more! Infuse with fruit slices or freeze juice to add decoration and flavor to a punch bowl.

Fill the closed mold with water through the top hole. Invert the mold to remove excess water. The water won’t spill out of the hole if you flip over the mold! The Ice Ball is BPA and phthalate free. Patent Pending.

The stackable design allows for easy storage in your freezer or on display with your other bar items. Includes 2 Zoku Ice Ball Molds – makes large 2.5-inch diameter (4oz) ice spheres.


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