Taylor Pro Touchless Tare Digital Kitchen Scale, 5.5kg

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  • Highly accurate digital kitchen scale with touchless tare function
  • With just a wave of a hand, you can set the display weight back to zero
  • If you’re a measuring in a bowl, you can totally discount its weight and measure just the ingredients you add
  • Or you can measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl simply by zeroing the weight before you add each new ingredient
  • There’s less need for you to dirty the scales with messy, mixture-covered hands, and there’s no need to weigh each ingredient in a separate bowl
  • Units of measurement can be switched between ounces, grams, fluid ounces and millilitres, so you can accurately follow your favourite recipes
  • Slimline, stylish and easy to store
  • Powered by 3cx AAA batteries (not included)