Joseph Joseph – Orb Mortar Set

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The contemporaneous and bright design from the Orb Mortar-set does not only create an elegant look, but it does also offer two containers to crush herbs, grains and spices.

Mortar and tappet of the set consist of porcelain. The large main bowl is perfectly suitable to crush and pound larger amounts or many different ingredients at once. The lid of the set can be used as a further bowl where problem-free a smaller amount or simply another ingredient can be crushed.

The large tappet is ideally balanced and does perfectly fit in the hands and allows a pleasant handling, also at a longer working time. The form of the mortar does furthermore ensure a pleasant hold of the bowl; and with it the intuitive working in your hands.

The mortar set from Joseph Joseph is suitable for the dish-washer. Through the manufacture out of porcelain, after the usage also the last traces of the crushed ingredients are easily removed.


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