Berghoff Neo Chopping Board Bamboo -ESSENTIALS Collection

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Neo’s 13″ x 8.5″ chopping board is the easy to grip chopping and cutting board and is large enough for all jobs. Use either side for a different look  Also trenched to collect liquids – Bamboo chopping boards are seeing a resurgence in popularity as they are considered a green product. Caring for bamboo cutting boards is easy, just wash with soap and water. The unique shape with the conical edges takes this chopping board to a higher level. Not just in design terms but also in terms of function: the conical edges allow hassle-free transfer of the cut or chopped ingredients onto a plate or tray. The double-sided board offers safe and good grip on your table or counter top for secure cutting, slicing, dicing and other cutting tasks while the bamboo doesn’t blunt the knives.