Berghoff Covered Chinese Wok 32cm -GEM Collection

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Become a real wok star with this double handed Chinese wok. It’s ideal for preparing various kinds of wok recipes and stir frying. The added bonus is that you need almost no oil thanks to the high-quality finish, making this wok a perfect tool for healthy cooking. It comes with a glass lid that lets you keep an eye on your food without losing any heat.

The Gem cast aluminium pots and pans stand out thanks to their functional mix of high-quality materials and an innovative, ergonomic design. The lightweight yet sturdy body is easy to handle and is covered with a multilayered non-stick Fernogreen coating that has excellent, durable non-stick properties which allow you to cook with little to no fat and makes the pots and pans a breeze to clean. Add to this the full-disk bottom for optimal cooking on every stovetop and you’ve got a series of pots and pans that will sweep you off your feet