Eva Solo – Wine Decanter Bag-in-Box – Black

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Bag-in-Box-Wine enjoys growing popularity, high quality wines are poured into paper boxes already since a while. The box has many advantages: it is practical, eco-friendly and has a good cost/performance ratio. But there is still one problem: It lacks of elegance. The Eva Solo® designers tried to solve this challenge and designed the “Bag-In-Box Decanter“.

“We wanted to take the wine out of its hiding place, make the bottled amount transparent and to equal the quality of a good wine with the bottle it is presented in.“, said the designer of Tools, who coined all Eva Solo® products. With it the wine decanter received a new meaning.

The “Bag-In-Box Decanter“ is made of glass and has a stainless steel insert at its spout. There’s a round cut ring inside, preventing the dripping while you are pouring or serving the content. The decanter neck is widened so you can pour the wine in it without any problems. The decanter can be closed with a silicone stopper, so you can continue enjoying the wine a different day.

The “Bag-In-Box Carafe“ has a capacity of 75 cl, matching the content of a standard wine bottle. That means it fits – with red or white wine – into every fridge door. After the festival – is before the festival: The “Bag-In-Box Decanter“ is dishwasher safe!


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