E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

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This is the mop for hard floor cleaning. No need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals; all you need is water and our highly absorbent Deep Clean Mop, to clean hard floors simply and quickly.

– 1x Mop, 1x Deep Clean Mop Head
– The Deep Clean Mop?s simple design and light aluminium base make cleaning floors effortless
– The Mop Head?s special weave and long fibres break up and hold grease and dirt
– The Mop Head attaches with Velcro and is easily unattached for a quick rinse or wash
– Brilliant on all hard floors including, laminate, stone, tiles and wood
– Use our Dry Mop Head, available separately, for the initial removal of dust and loose dirt
– Telescopic handle (extendable 1-1.5 metres)
– Deep Clean Head with Velcro
– Base 45 x 13.5 cm


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