Chef’n PepperBall

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A one-handed pepper grinder that reminds us of one of those hand-strengthening things that the jocks used to pump back at school. This spicy sensation allows you to adjust the coarseness to five different levels with the GrindTune lever. The PepperBall comes filled with a medley of full-flavoured peppercorns, and can be refilled easily as you’re sure to run out soon (it’s that much fun to use).

Made of durable polycarbonate plastic
Soft handles enable you to enjoy a one-hand grind
Settings for five different levels of coarseness


To refill, remove the clear tape over the refill window, turn the bottom of the PepperBall away from you and place your thumb on the rubber Chef’n logo. Push the logo towards the bottom of the ball to slide the window open. The first time you open the refill window, it may be a little rigid, so don’t be afraid to push hard



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